Nagshijahan Holding

About the company: Since its establishment Nagshijahan Holding has given preference to expansion and development of the tourism sector, service sector and other sectors. The Holding incorporates hotels, restaurants, cafes and leisure centres providing services to local and foreign tourists. It also incorporates petrol stations and Carbon Dioxide Plant which is an operating space of Nagshijahan MED. The aforesaid facilities are updating every day, growing and developing at the level of modern requirements. Tabriz Hotel which is serving the development of the tourism industry, the hotel chains “Nagshijahan”, “Duzdag”, “Grand” and “Avtovagzal”, Batabat Recreation Centre  and Agbulag Recreation Centre always show a modern approach in the tourism sector. Nagshijahan Holding, which is confidently striving towards successful achievement of the goals set at the first day of establishment, from time to time expands its base of development with new possibilities. The overarching aim of Nagshijahan Holding is a constant development on basis of the “Grow and develop” principle as part of its program of activities.

Address: Nagshijahan Holding, 1 Naghi Aliyev Street, Nakhchivan city

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