Azerbaijan Caspian Shipping Closed Joint-Stock Company

About the company: Azerbaijan Caspian Shipping Company (ACSC) is the largest shipping company in the Caspian Sea, with the history lasting for 160 years. The ACSC is operating 254 vessels and employing about 9,000 people. The Company consists of a transportation fleet, offshore support fleet, two shipyards, Training Center and Azerbaijan State Marine Academy.
The merchant fleet consists of 50 vessels, including 20 tankers, 13 ferries, 14 universal dry-cargo, 2 Ro-Ro ships as well as 1 auxiliary vessel.
The CJSC’s offshore fleet performs operations on full provision of offshore services covering oil-gas production in the Caspian Sea. The offshore fleet is comprised of 204 vessels, including 22 crane, 22 crane vessels, 18 supply and tug vessels, 25 passenger ships, 2 pipelay barges, 6 firefighting vessels, 5 geological survey vessels, 10 diving support vessels, and 116 other support vessels.
Currently, 11 general cargo vessels of Azerbaijan Caspian Shipping Company operate in the Black, Azov and Mediterranean Seas.
Azerbaijan Caspian Shipping Company plays a significant role in the international transportations along the Trans-Caspian Transportation route.
The shipyards of ACSC provide a wide range of professional ship repair, refurbishment and marine engineering services.
The human resources policy is one of the priority directions of development of Azerbaijan Caspian Shipping Company. Azerbaijan State Marine Academy and Training Center for seafarers, recognized by the International Maritime Organizations, are engaged in education and training of high-skilled specialists. These educational institutions also train specialists for foreign companies, engaged in maritime transport.

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